Design Review Board

The Design Review Board consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation from Council.  The Board shall review any proposed new construction, reconstruction, alterations, and demolition to property within the designated Design Review area.


Design Review Board Meetings

Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:oo pm

Design Review Board Members

Barb Weaver
528 Spring Street
Ph: 330-682-1751
Term expires: 12-31-18

Darin Johnson
521 Jerome Drive
Phone:  unlisted
Term expires: 12-31-19

Brittany Jarvis
9506 Wadsworth Road
Ph: 330-466-5175
Term expires: 12-31-18

Steve Snyder
1425 West Market Street
Ph: 330-682-6803
Term expires: 12-31-20

Todd Wallace
528 South Vine Street
Phone:  unlisted
Term expires: 12-31-19

Sue Ann Werntz
1295 Independence Drive
Ph: 330-317-6726
Term expires: 12-31-20

Mike Hamsher
320 South Mill Street
Ph: 330-682-0216
Term expires: 12-31-20

Term: 3 years, appointed by Mayor

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