Orrville City Council

  • Orrville City Council 2023-09
    Front L-R: Aspiras, Shanklin, Carr, Squirrell, Clerk Gault. Back L-R: Mayor Handwerk, Mosley, Handwerk, Lorson, President Vance

2023 Meeting Dates

All meetings are held at 7:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

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*The agenda, minutes, and resolutions are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. A copy of the resolution or ordinance is available for public inspection at the office of the Clerk of Council.

The legislative powers of the City are vested in the Orrville City Council. This Council consists of a President of Council and seven members, each elected for staggered four-year terms. One member is selected in each of the four wards of the City or Orrville, and three are elected at-large.

The City Council meets on the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:30 p.m. Meetings which would fall on a legal holiday are held the Tuesday following the holiday. Council takes a recess during the month of August. Their meetings are held on the top floor of the Municipal Building and are open to the public.

City Council Members

President of Council
Paul Vance
102 N Main Street, Apt. A
Ph 330-601-2015
Email pvance@orrville.com
Term expires 12-31-23

Ward 1
C.J. Handwerk
314 Lake Street
Ph 330-465-6982
Email chandwerk@orrville.com
Term expires 12-31-23
Ward 2
Kyle Shanklin
606 Beaver St
Ph 330-347-9729
Email kshanklin@orrville.com
Term expires 12-31-25
Ward 3
Patty Carr
429 Danvers Ct
Ph 330-607-1760
Email pcarr@orrville.com
Term expires 12-31-23

Ward 4
Beverly Squirrell
1111 W Market St
Ph 330-845-3732
Email bsquirrell@orrville.com 
Complete 2023/Be elected for
remaining term 1/2024-12/2025
Term expires 12-31-25

At Large
Rick Aspiras Jr.
530 S Walnut Street
Ph 330-305-2662
Email raspirasjr@orrville.com
Term expires 12-31-25
At Large
Darrell Mosley II
1016 Magnolia Lane
Ph 330-988-2408
Email dmosley@orrville.com
Term expires 12-31-23
At Large
John Lorson
727 McGill Street
Ph 330-201-2665
Email jlorson@orrville.com
Term expires 12-31-23
Clerk of Council
Jeanne Gault
207 North Main Street
Email jgault@orrville.com
Appointed without term
Effective January 1, 2012























Committees of Council

Finance: Squirrell, Shanklin, Aspiras  
Health & Safety: Aspiras, Squirrell, Carr
Ordinance & Personnel: Lorson, Mosley, Shanklin
Parks & Recreation: Handwerk, Carr, Mosley
Planning: Carr, Aspiras, Handwerk
Transportation: Mosley, Handwerk, Lorson      
Utilities: Shanklin, Lorson, Squirrell
Pro-Tempore:  Rick Aspiras Jr.

The City of Orrville will provide reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities who wish to attend this meeting.  Seventy-two (72) hours advance notice is required.  You may notify the Safety-Service Department by calling 330-684-5000 or TTY 330-684-5069.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please email us.


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