Volunteer Firemen's Dependency Fund Board

The Volunteer Firemen's Dependency Fund Board consists of five members (two elected by Council, two elected by the Fire Department, and one elected by the other four members). The Board reviews and processes all claims for benefits to be paid to surviving spouse and dependent children of volunteer firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Volunteer Firemen's Dependency Fund Board Members

Chris Bishop
223 North Vine Street
Ph: 330-684-5050

Edward Hershey
113 West Paradise Street
Ph: 330-684-2837

Jon Gresser
1748 West Market Street
Ph: 330-683-8421

Chuck Back
1868 Meadow Lane
Ph: 330-682-4961

Jeff Lorson
11818 Keener Dr
Ph:  330-317-4747

Term: 1 year (two elected by Council; two by Fire Department; one by others).   
Expires 12-31-24


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