Income Tax Dept


Effective February 1, 2022 the City of Orrville’s income tax administration is being handled by the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA).  All tax returns, quarterly estimates, withholdings, and any other forms or payments should be sent to RITA. 

Visit the RITA Website to print forms, find instructions, or to file online.    Previous year municipal income tax returns are no longer available on the Orrville City website. They are available at the RITA website.

Please relay any city income tax questions to RITA’s customer service number 1-800-860-7482.

Did you receive a Subpoena?

The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) mailed Administrative Subpoena letters to taxpayers that did not respond to the Non-Filing Income Tax Notice that was sent before the Subpoena was issued.   Taxpayers can simply send RITA the documents listed on the letter via:

e-file returns or exemptions at:


Attn: Compliance Department 198
Regional Income Tax Agency
PO BOX 470538
Broadview Heights, OH  44147-0538

Fax: 440-922-3510

More details about Administrative Subpoena’s can be found at


2023 Tax Information

          2023 Tax Rate:  1%

          2023 Tax Credit:  1%

                    (permitted for income tax paid other cities not to exceed 1.0 of income taxed in that city)

          2023 Credit Factor:  100%

Tax returns must be filed by April 15 for individuals and businesses reporting on a calendar year or 105 days from the end of the fiscal year.

Who must file Tax Returns

The City of Orrville has a mandatory tax filing requirement for:

                All City residents (full and part time), 18 and older*

                Businesses operating within the City

                Property owners receiving rental income

Non-resident employees within the city whose employer did not withhold taxes for Orrville

 Exemption:  Retired individuals with only non-taxable income (Social Security, pensions, interest or dividends) are exempt from filing, unless 2023 is your first year being retired then a declaration of exemption must be filed.

What is Taxable and Non-Taxable

                Taxable income includes:

                                Salaries and Wages        

                                Sub-Pay (1099 NEC income)       


                                Rental Income

                                Lottery or Gambling Winnings

                                Earned income for work done or services performed or rendered from all sources of income, earned inside and outside the city.


                Taxable income does NOT include:

                                Social Security



                                Full Time Disability

Interest Rates

                Interest rate for tax year 2024: 10.0%

                Interest rate for tax year 2023:  7.0%

                Interest rate for tax year 2022:  5.0%

                Interest rate for tax year 2021:  5%

                Interest rate for tax year 2020: 7%

This rate is the federal short-term rate set in July, rounded to the nearest whole percent, plus 5%.  Per ORC 718.27




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