Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of five members appointed by the Mayor, as well as the Mayor and the Safety-Service Director. The Planning Commission has the authority to review commercial or industrial construction, all new development, including the addition of streets, parks, public ground, and utilities, and all conditional zoning certificates. The Commission also reviews all requests for alley or street vacations, lot replatting, and zoning amendments.  

Meeting Dates/Deadlines

Upcoming Planning Commission meetings: 
      Thursday, April 21, 2022

Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm
Application Deadline:  3:00 pm, 1 week prior to meeting date; Conditional applications 3 weeks prior to meeting date

Planning Commission Members

Jim Davis (Secretary)
1239 Dogwood Drive
Ph: 330-988-2479
Term expires 4-30-22

Jen Phillips
915 South Main Street
Ph: 330-682-0293
Term expires 4-30-23

Ned Hostetler (Vice-Chairman)
1502 Rex Drive
Ph: 330-682-7876
Term expires 4-30-24

Robert Snyder (Chairman)
429 Emeril Court
Ph: 330-683-4836
Term expires 4-30-25

Norman Hibinger
1930 West Market Street
Ph: 330-682-4977
Term expires 4-30-26

Dave Handwerk, Mayor
Steve Wheeler, Safety-Service Director

Term: 5 years, appointed by Mayor

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