Orrville Fire Dept

  • Photo courtesy of Marty's Studio, Wooster, Ohio.
  • Fire Station #2 at 777 North Crown Hill Road
  • Jeff Lorson - Firefighter of the Year
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The Municipal magazine article -- "Orrville Firefighters Go Above and Beyond Providing Event for Their Community"

Chief Chris Bishop
Asst. Chief Ron Ballentine
223 North Vine Street
PO Box 144
Orrville, OH 44667

Phone 330-684-5050
FAX 330-684-5052
Email firechief@orrville.com


Firefighter of the Year --   

The Firefighter of the Year award is the highest tribute that can be awarded to an Orrville firefighter. All members of the fire department are eligible to be nominated for the award. The winner is chosen by a committee consisting of the last three recipients of the award.  His name will appear on a plaque at the fire station.

2023   Jeff Lorson
2022   Chris Parker
2021   Chuck Back
2020   None
2019   Robert Evans
2018   John Bischoff
2017   Robert Ballentine
2016   Dan Lorson
2015   Ron Ballentine
2014   Bill Lytle
2013   Brad Ballentine
2012   Justin Vodika
2011   Mike Chereson
2010   Bruce Ubelhart
2009   Ryan May
2008   Craig Hostetler
2007   Josh Garrett
2006   Kevin Sprowls
2005   Jason Vodika
2004   Richard Nester
2003   Aaron Keener
2002   Bob Peter
2001   Todd Carr
2000   Randy Coe
1999   Jerry Osburn
1998   Kevin Baldwin
1997   Charles Back
1996   Mike Bishop
1995  Jackie Elkins
1994   Jeff Lorson
1993   Chris Bishop
1992   Bill Lytle
1991   Mike Hostetler
1990   Ron Ballentine
1989   Bill Earnsberger
1988   Bob Ballentine  
1985   Stan Stuckey
1984   Don Musser
1983   Gary Bender
1982   Hollie Ferrebee
1981   Russel Ballentine
1980   Dave Bishop
1979   Roger Maiwurm
1978   Don Sauer
1977   Roger Maiwurm



As early as 1855 the residents of the area had banded together to fight fires. On December 12, 1872, the Dot Fire Engine Company was organized with 36 volunteer members. At that time, the firemen manually pulled a hand pumper to the scene of a fire. On December 14, 1874, the name of the group was changed to the Monitor Fire Company. From the days of the bucket brigade and hand pumper, the firefighters of Orrville have progressed through steam pumpers and horse-drawn equipment to the modern, mobile department which responds quickly to an alarm. The building at 223 North Vine Street was dedicated in 1967, and is now known as Orrville Fire Station #1. Fire Station #2 is located at 777 North Crown Hill Road and includes a three-bay garage, conference room, and restrooms.  Today's department has a full-time fire chief and 25 paid on-call volunteer officers and firefighters.


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