Welcome to Orrville, Ohio! Every community is unique. No other small city in the world is quite like Orrville. Its difference comes from its particular blending of geography, history, and human personality. We're a small community by population, but our thinking and industriousness are on a large scale. The Citizens of Orrville are very supportive of their schools, businesses, and the many organizations in our city. City Hall hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm M-F excluding holidays and is located at 207 N Main Street.

Our Mission 

Provide quality services in a timely and efficient manner to ensure Orrville continues to be an exceptional community.

Our Vision

The City of Orrville's distinctive quality of life is exemplified by its sense of Community, Faith, Educational Opportunities, and Pride. Orrville will be the centerpiece for Wayne County and the State of Ohio. Our greatest resource is and will continue to be our people. We will come together in an active partnership to foster academic, cultural and economic opportunities to cultivate a safe, vibrant and healthy community for our citizens and organizations.

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