Snow Ban Streets

NOTICE: December 2022
In anticipation of the upcoming winter storm later today and tomorrow (February 16), the City is issuing a snow parking ban starting today (Monday) at 2 pm and expiring on Tuesday at 7 pm. Please have your vehicles removed from the following streets so that we can plow them.

Church Street (Mill to Maple)
Crown Hill Road (Paradise Rd to High)
Dogwood Drive (Hostetler to Apple Blossom)
Ella Street (Terminal to High)
Elm Street, North (Market to High)
Fair Street (Market to High), west side only
Hall Street (Market to High)
High Street, East (Main to MIll)
Jefferson Avenue (Ella to Elm)
Kenwood Drive (Crown Hill to Lee)
Kirk Avenue, both sides
Lakeview Drive (Magnolia to Heatherwood)
Lynn Drive (Crown Hill to Lee)
Main Street (north city limits to south city limits)
Market Street (Walnut to Crown Hill)
Mohican Avenue (Market to Penn)
Paradise Street (Garfield to Wayne)
Park Street (McGill to Garfield), north side only
Pearl Street (Market to High), west side only
Vine Street, North (Market to Mineral Spring St)
Vine Street, South (Pine to deadend)
Washington Blvd (High to Market)
Water Street (Vine to Mill)
Westwood Avenue (Market to Penn)

Thank you for your cooperation and please drive safely.

Have Other Questions or Want To Get in Touch? (for police matters, call 330-684-5025)

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