The City-wide leaf pick-up service will begin November 4, with the City being divided into a north and south section; Market Street being the middle line.  Please use the schedule below as a guide to know when to have your leaves raked and piled in the tree lawn:

     Southend:  November 4 -- November 15
     Northend:   November 18 -- November 27 (off Nov 28-29 for Thanksgiving holiday)
     Final Pass:  December 2 -- December 13 for both North and South sides

See map here.

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The City is selling mattress bags to enclose your mattress and box springs if you are setting them out for trash pickup. Our trash hauler HAS now made this a mandatory requirement, and they will not pick up mattresses if they are not wrapped in plastic. These bags are available for sale in the Safety-Service Department in City Hall for $6.00 King/Queen size and $4.00 for Full/Twin size.   Upholstered furniture also needs to be wrapped in plastic and these mattress bags can be cut and taped together to cover furniture also.

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